Cascade Cora Cherry Vinca Plant


Bright, cherry red flowers cover spreading plants to create a carpet of color in the landscape. This cascading vinca is a strong garden performer as well as in mixed containers and hanging baskets. Great for a rotation in place of Wave Petunias.

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Low maintenance. Thrives in heat and humidity.

The Cora Cascade Vinca is a vigorous, trailing series with large, long lasting flowers covering the entire plant. It thrives in heat and humidity with a uniform habit and flowering time and, resists aerial Phytophthora as well as the original Cora upright series.

Size & Color

  • Pot Size: 5″
  • Spacing: 12-18″
  • Height: 6-8″
  • Bloom Color: Red


  • Spring
  • Summer

Where to Plant

  • Full Sun